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The ARIO company, warmly welcomes you and invites you to a long term cooperation relationship, based on a face-to-face contact, which is the utmost goal of the company's founder and members. Our aim is to offer services ensuring our customer's high quality of life.

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The ARIO company, is the evolved form of a small group of engineers, who started before 40 years and were inspired to succeed.

The company stands out for its dynamism, its ongoing effort to achieve perfection and the commitment to client’s complete satisfaction.

The company's long history in the construction industry is full of projects that meet both high construction quality standards and difficult aesthetic and technology requirements. Our aspiration is to use our high engineering and construction expertise and responsibility that shape our professional character to guarantee high-level customer services. Staying up to date with new trends and developments in the construction industry, we aim at maintaining the feelings of trust, safety, and appreciation that our customers enjoy regarding our projects.

Ario is one of the most experienced construction company in Greece, with a long track record of successful projects, on private and public sector. Generating value for our clients, partners, and employees, enhance our social footprint, by contributing to the Greek economy, outward orientation, and employment.


Our company all these years has continuous steady upward course, something that can only be achieved with the trust and support of its customers and that’s why I would like to extend my sincerest appreciation.

My personal goal as member of this company, is to develop high specification projects, motivated by our customers’ needs and wishes and invest to improvement of people’s quality of life.





Dimitris A. Protonotarios

Msc Civil Engineer Chief Executive Officer

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